QCAD Testimonials

Read what QCAD users are saying about QCAD.


"This is an awesome program and much more powerful than originally thought. It is great to have a professional tool that is affordable to use!"

- Jeff -

"QCAD is really a fantastic tool, keep up the great work!"

- Vince -

"Since I got used to QCAD I don't want to go back to any other 2d cad software!"

- David -

"Thank you very much for this fantastic software, which is in no way behind other better known ones. In fact, I am drawing faster than in other programs, since its functions are more intuitive."

- Paulo -

"QCAD is so easy to use. Thanks"

- Dean -

"After having tried a couple of other "free" CAD packages and getting more frustrated at their overly complicated procedures, I have tried QCAD. O my goodness, I have only just scratched surface of functionality but knew within 10 minute I would be purchasing this amazing program.

In one evening, I have learned enough to begin to design a complete solution for an intended decking area.

Just like to say Congratulations and Thank You for such great product."

- Steve -

"I am very grateful for your software, QCAD is wonderful."

- Guillaume -

"I really like the layering and block system, and am very impressed with how intuitive and easy QCAD is to use, eg. the tools modes and snap/placement is a joy to use."

- Phil -

"I have been using QCAD Professional for the past year. I recently upgraded to the new version and just love the software. Over the years I have tried many programs and no other software comes close for ease of use great interface and very intuitive, Thank you for your great work."

- Glenn -

"Hats off on the software. Very well suited for our purposes on the farm (building and small machine design and layout). Thanks for putting it out there."

- Martin -

"Congratulations on the program. I feel very good, very intuitive, and I can work very well with QCAD despite being self-taught."

- Diego -

"Loving QCAD can't wait for next release... it's a breeze to use compared to AutoCad
I never thought I would ever say this as I've used Acad for over 30 years [2d only]... fantastic work.."

- John -

"My thanks as well for providing a Cad Program that is very reasonably priced, so that a person like me could make it a hobby to learn some Cad Drafting"

- Nimal -

"As a school we have free access to all of the Autodesk products which is great, but I'd much rather use QCAD due to it's simplistic, streamlined interface and bloat-free installation. For the money I'm blown away at how good it is. I used LibreCAD several years ago and I had no idea what I was missing!"

- Ryan -

"I have to say that QCAD is a great example of how software should be - affordable, super functional, easy to use and reliable.
Keep up the great work!"

- Derek -

"Today I renewed my QCAD licence (for Linux, it's one of only two programs I paid for). I must say it's worth every penny :) Great SW, thanks for it."

- Pietro -

"Often you will see it said the such-and-so product is excellent, for the money. I've worked with QCAD-Pro in its non-trial version now for a couple of weeks and can say this software stands up to the best and is worth far more than its price."

- Bob -

"QCAD 2D professional is an awesome product for a great price! Never been happier spending 40 euros on a software product."

- Erwin -

"Just wanted to say this is a wonderful product for 2D drafting. The program has a very fair price, I get to own my copy of the software, the license is very good. Most of all, it has every 2D tool I needed with a few surprises and a scripting interface for making my own routines.

This is how software should be designed and sold.
I find this model far more honest and fair than other CAD vendors.

A job well done. Please, thank your programmers and staff for their work here."

- Ryan -

"I am taking a 2 minute break from QCAD because I am inspired to say THANK YOU! I always saw QCAD as a free but limited alternative to the big name software. I bought my pro license almost a year ago because I was using QCAD more and more. Now I am hooked. QCAD is my go-to design software. The keyboard shortcuts are AMAZING! The tools are FANTASTIC! and useful new tools are always being released! The new overlays are great for what I am working on (digitizing old boat building plans) and I can't wait to use the new morph tool to automate airplane wing ribs.

I was actually enjoying QCAD soo much that I had to stop and let you know. THANK YOU for the excellent work!"

- TaoHawaii -

"I have been a LibreCad user,  then moved to draftsight. As they discontinued their linux product, I decided to give a try to QCAD. And I feel like "fish in the water" :D. Is a flashback to many familiar and loved things used in LibreCAD, with many more features."

- Nacho -

"Previously an Autocad user, love this program! Bravo on a great product."

- Phil -

"Super program with best support"

- Kurt -

"This is the best, affordable, 2D drawing package I have come across. Excellent."

- Nick -


- SK -

"Super impressed with QCAD... I have a lot to learn. But very happy I went this route... QCAD is awesome."

- Todd -

"I'm a Qcad user for many years and I'm very satisfied with this program. Its easy to learn and I use it daily."

- Dimitri -

"It seems like a very user friendly program. I'm glad that I purchased it."

- John -

"I am busy with my PhD in Industrial Archaeology and have used your program to draw a few dozen site plans very easily."

- Graham -

"I’d like to take a moment to thank you for a great program that fills an important niche in the hobbyist CAD world.

I have been looking for some time for a replacement for Draftsight. As a retired teacher and hobbyist who uses 2D drafting only 3 or 4 times a year, the $100 that Draftsight now charges was just not worth it.  I’ve tried between eight and ten other 2D CAD applications and none served my purpose until QCAD. I was able to produce a workable materials cut sheet for a woodworking project the first time I attempted to use QCAD after I’d installed it.

Once again, thank you for a fine product!"

- Leonard - 

"I'm not really a 'CAD person', but need to use/translate CAD files as part of my workflow occasionally, and QCAD seems to be, by far, the best solution I have come across. It feels more intuitive and simpler to use, yet powerful. Thank you!"

- Jason -

"Just a message to say that QCAD is absolutely brilliant. I don't have a need to do engineering drawings that often, but when I do, QCAD is there for me. The book is one of the best pieces of documentation I have."

- Nigel -

"Having just retire where I used to use AutoCAD and knowing I couldn't afford same for my own use I found QCAD. I have to say that with little self-tuition I am now producing work if not faster and easier than when using AutoCAD. There are a few niggles as there was with AC but the work around's are simple. After just a few minutes on the free version I purchased the program. Many thanks to the team for a job well done."

- John -

"For my engineering business QCAD is way better than the alternative by Autodesk, [...] I don't consider any other CAD programs now."

- Dale -

"QCAD has already pretty well weaned me off my previous CAD programmes. Impressive."

- Peter -

"This is a great product and I use it every day at my place of work. Nice One!!"

- Mark -

"I have been using QCAD Professional for a few years now, and I have been very happy indeed with the program, the service responses from RibbonSoft, and the regular release of software updates. QCAD is an excellent program, and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wanted to purchase a 2D-CAD program."

- Peter -

"Hey QCAD team, just a note to say thanks for a GREAT CAD platform for my Mac. Best money spent for a great package. Thanks again and keep up the great work."

- Ed -

"I really like this CAD app. Very very very very impressed."

- Paul -

"Thank you for all you work on such an easy to use CAD program, I have used it to design all my FPV quad frames and knew nothing about CAD software"

- JP -

"I am really enjoying using QCAD and am increasing in confidence every day. [...] My first proper CAD output in less than a weeks worth of learning. Beats so many other CAD programmes!"

- holmside -

"[...] I would also like to let you know how impressed I am with the QCAD software suite, particularly from the point of view of the developer! With all of the APIs available via JavaScript, it seems like a very flexible and developer-friendly product, which has really made it very easy for us to achieve our goal."

- Ian -

"I purchased QCAD Professional and the e-book yesterday. The software is great and I have become quite proficient in just a short period of time after having almost now experience with a CAD program."

- Jim -

"I bought a pro licence a few weeks ago and have found since then that QCAD does every thing I need. The user interface is really simple to use allowing me to produce DXF's quickly from the start. Many thanks"

- Garry -

"I've come to love this 'little' cad program for its easy/intuitive interface and for its maturity - and that it's available for Win & Linux. Thanks a lot!"

- Daniel -

"I am happy and satisfied because with your QCAD I hit the bull's eye. I used to work with AutoSketch 8.0. This no longer works on Windows 10. Switching succeeded quite easily. Congratulations and thank you for your product."

- Walter -

"By the way, I find QCAD super! It is a fantastic system. Super easy to use and perfect, fast results."

- Johannes -

"Well done. I tested many CAD programs in the last few month. QCAD is the best one for many reasons."

- Thomas -

"Just want to thank you for your efforts in creating the only open-source CAD complete enough to be professionally used."

- Андрей -

"I have used other cads like Auto cad and just used QCAD that too free version Wow What an intuitive software anticipating what you want to do and making drawing a pleasure and so easy."

- Govindarajan -

"Two days ago I downloaded your QCAD and I must tell you that it was a very good basic 2D CAD for the Mac platform. Cannot fault it and I am using the basic version. You must be congratulated for having designed such a good program full of features and precision. And free of charge. Wow, I can't believe it. Well done!"

- Al -

"I want to thank you and the QCAD team for a logical and practical CAD drawing program. The structure of the tools (and also the shortcuts) and the resulting operating speed is excellent and for a 2D program, in my opinion, unbeatable."

- Simon -

"In many respects, I'm finding that I like the way QCAD handles issues much better than AutoCAD. There are some very powerful commands within this program that are going to be fun to use.
Those of you who wrote and are working on updating the program, my congratulations on a job well done. The cost of the program and manual are pretty much insignificant compared to the value I'm getting for the program."

- John -

"This is a terrific cad prog so easy to use."

- Bob -

"I bought a copy of QCAD last week. After some days working with it, I am very happy. I think it is a very easy and useful CAD program, I like it. Thanks, a lot."

- Valentin -

"Love using the product, just finished building my new kitchen, all drawn up with QCAD, no bugs at all"

- Steve -

"I am very pleased indeed with QCAD Professional. I bought QCAD as a replacement for an old version of Auto Sketch (6.1) that I had been using for many years, and I am very glad that I did so. Thank you for producing some really excellent software."

- Peter -

"Having finally sat down with the intention of drawing properly, I have to say QCAD is a really, really, nice programme to use. An interface that has enough information, without 'turning user's off'. For a CAD programme, it's easy to use. I love it."

- Kelly -

"Just to let you know that the software works like a dream! Well concipiated and executed."

- EJ -

"At work I use QCAD 3 Pro version for all my laser cutting needs. QCAD boasts an impressive 2D toolset for drafting purposes and the modification toolset is an absolute must for me when it comes to ‘cleaning up’ student files for laser cutting.

I am able to create new drawings and Library items and save them so easily and the library browser tool is always there to insert my blocks in a ‘snip’.

The intuitiveness of QCAD makes it so easy to use and to be honest I am so glad that I found QCAD a couple of years ago – I wouldn’t be without it now!

The customer support is second to none and the resources available are just great.

If you are new to computer aided design in general and want a straight forward ‘all round’ fully functional CAD program, then QCAD Pro is for you and at such a reasonable price – it’s a ‘giveaway!

The QCAD book which is sold separately, is again at such a reasonable price and is a constant reference source for me and believe me I use it often."

- Clive Tubb, Department of Architecture, Cambridge University, UK -

"Your software is very conducive to pattern drafting and I really enjoy using the program. I think the interface is simple enough even for the novice, yet it has incredible power when you need it."

- Lori -

"Thanks for your help and your very nice product. I've been using it for almost 2 years as a professional and it changed the way we work."

- Bernard -

"I'd like to say that I'm very happy with QCad3 RC4, I'm using it on XUbuntu. The scripting facility is amazing :D and the support / information here in the forum and the responsiveness to bug reports at the bug tracker is very impressive! Thank you for your excellent work, keep at it!"

- Stefan -

"As a complete newcomer to CAD I am very impressed by the QCAD Pro and book package. The book is one of the best technical manuals I have read. Everything is explained in simple language and, most important of all, there is no ambiguity. The program is first class. It does everything I want and is simple to learn and use. From getting the software and book to designing large, complex items took me 4 weeks. The price is excellent. I couldn't afford to pay the 'normal' prices the big companies charge so buying QCAD was the way in for me. I don't use Microsoft either and it works perfectly on GNU/Linux. I recommend this totally. I'm trying the CAM package next. I am a highly satisfied customer."

- Keith -

"I love QCAD. It's powerful simplicity is amazing."

- Don -

"QCAD is the *BEST* CAD program I've ever used, bar none!"

- Dennis -

"A few weeks ago, we bought a license for the QCAD software. Just to try it out :-) It works splendidly! We are VERY pleased."

- Verner -

"Thanks for the excellent job on QCAD, I'm a furniture maker/designer and QCAD has been an excellent tool for my work - not too complicated, not too simple - just about right."

- Paul -

"I experience QCAD to be one of the nicest and fastest drawing packages I could find. With the constant improvements, it is better every time."

- Koos -

"I use it [QCAD] for all of my 'sketching' as a land surveyor, and all is so automatic to me now, that it is almost as fast as grabbing a pencil and scratch pad! And everything I 'sketch' is to scale as an added bonus. QCAD has become an extension of my thinking! I love it!"

- Lowell -

"Just a note to let you know that I downloaded and installed QCAD Professional and the associated parts library. Everything appears to work perfectly and I am delighted. It appears that I'll be able to do with this all that I did with a CAD program that cost a former associate more than USD $1,200 more than five years ago."

- Joel -

"I licensed QCAD in an attempt to quickly find an affordable and straightforward CAD program to create schematics for an urgent electrical project. I have been very impressed with its abilities, despite its apparent simplicity and relatively gentle learning curve. The ability to create pdf files (using the freeware driver) makes it simple to send drawings to customers. QCAD is also one of the most stable PC applications I have used! The only disappointment has been the libraries: I have not found the electrical symbols I needed, but perhaps I haven't spent enough time looking. Thanks for offering such GREAT VALUE."

- Paul -

"QCAD is great! I just bought the commercial version. I used the Debian package to design a new type of bed frame as a way of exploring CAD after many years using a drafting machine. I tried using other CAD programs to do the same job, but they weren't as intuitive and flexible as QCAD. I found QCAD to be an excellent CAD application, and I wanted to support your efforts, not to mention getting scripting capabilities too."

- Ruven -

"Thanks for an outstanding program - this fit my needs very nicely without being overly complex."

- David -

"I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your product, and your commitment to the Open Source philosophy. I downloaded and compiled the source on my Fedora box a few weeks ago, and I just finished using it to redesign my kitchen. Also, I just purchased the Professional edition on your web site; it's the least I can do to support your efforts. I hope you'll continue to be a proponent of the Open Source movement, and I applaud your work."

- Per -

"love the cad program,  very good value for money"

- Doug -

"After using QCAD for some weeks, my overall impression is that it's reaching it's goal being a simple drawing program usable for people with no special drawing skills like me. My employer has a site license for Autocad LT, but I still prefer using QCAD because of it's easy use ;)"

- Ton -

"I was very happy to find QCAD. You have done an outstanding job on the program. I have been trying to move my engineering company completely off Win 98 and onto Linux. CAD was a problem before QCAD. On Win98, I use TurboCad 3.0 (a Win95 issue). As you remarked, each version got more complex, slower, and more confusing. Your philosophy is correct; keep it simple."

- Jim -

"I just purchased QCAD and love it!"

- Mike -

"I'm amazed, finally a CAD software for 2D that makes sense and is fun to use. The user friendliness, the handling and the clarity when constructing is optimal. Someone really thought something when creating the user interface and designed it from the point of view of a user and his everyday life. In the respect of usability ACad and others could learn something from QCAD."

- Harald -

"I have to say that the 25 Euros were worthwhile. I've used QCAD since a couple of years already, but with QCAD 2.0, you succeeded in doing a 'quantum leap'."

- Detlev -

"I think QCAD is a very valuable piece of software and deserves a great future."

- Ulf -

"I am very pleased to at last see a GPL/free CAD app for the Mac. We have had to wait a very long time indeed. But the wait seems to be very much worth it with QCAD."

- Trevor -

"Thank you very much for QCAD, it is a very very nice program for quick sketches for our work shop and it is easy to learn."

- Markus -

"This is an awesome tool and a feather in Linux's cap!"

- David -

"I have never really used a CAD program before [..] QCAD is really easy to use and seems to do a great job."

- Herb -

"Congratulations on such a nice CAD tool! :-)"

- Jonathan -

"The program is VERY impressive. Good job."

- Bill -

"I have been using QCAD for a couple of months now. I really like the user interface and the simplicity of the program."

- Ivar -

"Congratulations on turning out an excellent 2d drawing package. It's easily the best I've seen on Linux. [..] In a world thats gone 3d crazy it seems that no one has noticed that without accurate 2d everything that comes afterwards will be more difficult."

- Mick -

"I just bought QCAD Pro, and as I'm playing with it now, I wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful job you did. This is a very good piece of software, as we, MacOSX users, do not have anything like AutoCAD on our beloved platform ;-)."

- Nicolas -

"Your manual would be a fine example to other people who write Linux software. Help files just seem to never be written or are skimpy to say the least. Yours is the best I have seen in any Linux or Windows program, bar none!"

- Mike -

"Offering multi-platform licenses is brilliant as a key concern and an attractive feature for me of QCAD is the ability to move across platforms."

- Bob -

"Thanks for an exceptional CAD programme, with thorough documentation and libraries."

- Terry -

"I love QCAD more and more every day! Great job on a great piece of software!!"

- Jim -

"Nice product concept and pricing and Open Source/Commercial approach. Keep up the good work."

- John -

"Thank you for your continued work on QCAD. Finally, I can get rid of my dual boot W2K setup, because for my work QCAD can now do 95% of what I used to do with ACAD. A few years ago I reviewed QCAD, found it "not there yet" and forgot about it. Yesterday I re-found it and I am absolutely over the moon. I imported some dxf drawings and got to work on them straight away. I am a pretty experienced 2D/3D cad user (about 15 years). All 3D work I still do on W2K (unfortunately). I have used several 2D and 3D cad programs, in 2D mostly AutoCAD. I appreciate your philosophy of keeping it simple and sticking to 2D. Contrary to what you express on your website, I think that with this philosophy you can still have software that is capable enough for most "power users" (whoever that may be), while being easy enough for most beginners."

- Edwin -

"Thanks for a great bit of software. I've used it all the way through my degree course so far (their preference are AutoCAD and Solidworks - and I don't want to shell out on an AutoCAD student licence if I can avoid it. SolidWorks SE was too much money as it was. I find QCAD really quick to use - I prefer 2D anyway, and 2D is still the industry standard AFAIK."

- Tom -

"I tried qcad demo. I was impressed well within the first ten minute run, and proceeded to order a copy immediately thereafter. What a wonderful package and what a competitive price!"

- A.J. -

"QCAD is overall the best, easiest to use, most intuitive software I have ever used. Within the scope of what QCAD is designed to do, it does so very well."

- Derek -

"QCAD is great and I have already caused one other person to buy it. There will be more. And thank you for the FreeBSD version!"

- Russell -

"Thank you for the quality of your software, which contains all the essential features of a CAD. Very good work."

- Marc -

"Thank you, good work! Finally I found Autocad killer :-) which is fast, usable and with cool price."

- Milan -

"I use QCAD frequently and find it to be indispensable."

- Barry -

"I've been working since two weeks with the development version of QCAD 2.2.0 and just wanted to say that I am thrilled. The new features are a great assistance for drafting."

- Claus -

"I love QCAD. It is the easiest to use CAD package I have ever tried. [...] It is so easy to to draw what I want, then to save it as a Jpeg. Thanks for a great product, I will continue to sing it's praises."

- Michael -

"Thank you for providing us Linux users (and students too!) a powerful drawing tool which is perfect for the base applications we are required to do in 2D form. I love the program and its ease of use!"

- Philip -

"I am a sculptor, but have never learned how to use computer assistance with my designs. I finally decided it was time this old dog learned a new trick. I'm very happy I chose QCAD."

- Patrick -

"When building a mechanical sculpture I needed to have a local shop cut some steel shapes for an animated character. The shop charges $100 to make DXF files from rough sketches, so I grabbed the QCAD demo and within 30 minutes had learned how to "draw" the shapes myself! When I finally bought QCAD it cost a fraction of the shop price for DXF production, and now I use it for so many other things in my artistic adventures. This is so much easier than I remember CAD being in highschool. Thanks for a great product (and cheap too)."

- Brian -

"I am extremely happy with QCAD, it is helping me get my company and our drawings in sync with the times."

- Oliver -

"I have been so unable to figure out AutoCAD as an occasional user and thought, why not buy QCAD which I have used and find incredibly easy to use vs ACAD.  I am trying to point it out to others I know."

- Jerry -

"The program is tidy, timeless and clear and I learn something new with every drawing or I also always find a new (for me) hidden function. Great what you have put into the world have set.
For this I would like to express my gratitude."

- Bernhard -