Index Color vs RGB Color (Colour)

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Index Color vs RGB Color (Colour)

Post by andysetchings » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:18 pm

I've found some odd behaviour while trying to use DWG TrueView to print a DXF from QCAD.

If using monochrome.ctb, the thing still prints in colour.

As far as I can tell this is because the layer colours are stored by QCAD as RGB values ('True Color in AutoCAD speak) and TrueView assigns these RGB values to the layers when opening the DXF. It is not possible to use CTB files with RGB values.

The DXF was originally from another tool and used index colours for each layer (e.g. 1 = red, 4 = cyan etc) and it worked fine with the CTB print configs but it looks like modifying it with QCAD has changed the way that the layer colours are recorded in the file so now the CTB doesnt work.

I also looked at STB configs but I think these need each layer to be tagged with a style name. I dont think QCAD will do this, correct?

So is it possible to stay with index colours for layers in QCAD... or else use layer style names?

BTW, what I'm really doing is more complex than just printing in mono - I actually have two print configs which print both sides of a photo-resist tool from the same drawing.

I also looked at the Pro trial version but I dont think it's any different in this area.


Regards, Andy

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