Sublayer implicit visibility based on parent layer visibility (Solved)

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Sublayer implicit visibility based on parent layer visibility (Solved)

Post by Panchdara » Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:16 pm

Hi and seasons greetings. I might have lost the plot. so to speak, but I seem to remember that sublayer visibility was based on parent layer visibility. When the parent layer was hidden so were the child layers (implicitly). Am I remembering wrong? It would make sense that a child layer would be rendered hidden when the parent layer was made hidden.

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edit: edit sublayers - change in parent layer/name (hierarchy) editing? (solved here - bad .ini file?)

edit 2:These issues seem to have arisen due to a bad .ini file. Resetting this file has now resolved these weird issues. The original file was about 7k and the new is about 78k... somewhere this file became corrupted.

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