Up/Down arrow keys behavior

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Up/Down arrow keys behavior

Post by dfriasb » Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:11 am

Hello all,

I just installed last version of QCAD Pro 19.2. So happy with new features like moving objects with keyboard arrows and with new properties of layers (printable/snapable). Thank you very much, I think all of this will be very useful for me.

I just have one question about up and down arrow keys behavior when panning the drawing. Before 19.2 I used to pan with this keys; when pressing down key, viewpoint went down. Now is the opposite; down key moves viewpoint up, and up key moves viewpoint down.
In the other hand, left/right keys behavior is just like before: viewpoint is moved left or right in the same way as the pressed key.

I attach the drawing I'm working on. I'm using QCAD Version (3.19.2) in Linux Ubuntu 16.04.

Best regards!

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