Font's freak: Which is Standard text suitable lineweight?

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Font's freak: Which is Standard text suitable lineweight?

Post by dfriasb » Sat May 25, 2019 3:52 pm

Dear all,

Is there any recommended height/lineweight relation for Standard font text?
In my opinion, it works quite well when this relation is between 10 and 14. For example, for a 1.8mm height text I normally use 0.18mm lineweight (1:10). With lineweight of 0.13mm it also looks ok, that corresponds to 1:14 proportion.

In the other hand, I see that lettering guides (for hand drawing text with technical pens) use to be 1:10 for Roman-like fonts. It's something about ISO 3098 norm. But Standard fonts don't look like Roman, Standard are taller, so I was asking if I should use a different ratio in order to have better graphic results.

Looking in an old book about technical drawings I see that, in UNE 1-034 and UNE 1-035 Spanish norms (something similar to currents ISO, I think), they propose 2 kinds of fonts; taller ones will use 1:14 relation and they REALLY LOOK like Standard QCAD fonts. They also propose 1:10 fonts that look very close to RomanS2 and RomanS (cursive).

So, do you think it's ok to use 1:14 for Standard fonts and 1:10 for Roman fonts?
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Re: Font's freak: Which is Standard text suitable lineweight?

Post by Husky » Sat May 25, 2019 8:23 pm


my personal thumb of rule is based on what I learned on the old drawing boards. Ratio 1:10. A text with a hight of 3,5 mm is drawn with a 0,35 mm line weight. 2,5 mm = 0,25 mm, 5 mm hight = 0,5 mm, 7 mm = 0,7 etc. etc. ....
Depending on the font it could be that I decide to use the next thinner line weight but that would be exceptional because I try to stick to ONE font in all of my drawings.
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