creating Polylines WITHOUT combining arcs

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creating Polylines WITHOUT combining arcs

Post by simon-2 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:29 am


i'm using QCAD to prepare files to be used in a (bad&ugly) WOP (=Woodworking CAM).

I need to route an arc that is sloped by 10deg, but if i feed a single arc to the WOP, the circle interpolation does strange stuff in z-direction (bad&ugly WOP, as told). So i would like to commit the geometry as a polyline consisting of shorter arcs.

QCAD has the beautiful feature to split entities (MS), which can split the arc into an arbitrary number of shorter arcs, but unfortunately, the function to create a polyline is too intelligent :lol:, i.e. when combining the shorter arcs to a polyline, it is recognized that all the shorter arcs share the same center and the resulting polyline contains only one arc again. :roll: (good feature, but destructive in my situation).

Committing the short arcs individually to the WOP is not an option, as the CAD-Features in the WOP are crap.
i can imagine to slightly warp all the arcs so they don't share the same center, but this would not be an exact solution...

is there any (builtin) way to create a polyline without combining the arcs?

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Re: creating Polylines WITHOUT combining arcs

Post by andrew » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:44 am

Which tool are you using to create the polyline from the segments? Draw > Polyline > Create from Selected Entities?

If so, please try Create from Segments instead or right-click on an arc segment and choose Auto Create Polyline.

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