Add option to select media source in printer dialogue

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Add option to select media source in printer dialogue

Post by johan162 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:06 am

For some other QT-based program they often have an "Advanced" tab in the printer dialogue (see attached screenshot) to allow the selection of, for example, which paper try should be used (i.e. "Media Source"). It seems that the QCad always prints using paper tray 1.
advanced-tab.png (30.22 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
When you have two different sizes (or for that matter paper quality) in each try this becomes an issue.Not all printers are smart enough to select paper tray based on paper-size selected. (I'm not sure if QT libraries provides this printer dialogue functionality "for free" or if there needs a lot of work to add this.)

The main reason for not just exporting it as PDF and then print it (which is what do now as a work-around) is that I print details in 1:1 and need to add a small "Printer Calibration" factor (Y:1.03) to get exact measurements and this seems to only be possible printing directly to a printer and not exporting it as PDF. Since I use the 1:1 drawings as cut-out templates they need to be exactly life size.

Would be nice if this option could be added to the printer dialogue.

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