Dual dimension units on dimensions

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Dual dimension units on dimensions

Post by striker » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:42 am

FS#1337 - Alternate units for dimensions
Qcad v3.18.0 on Win7 Pro

The above subject relates to the above request. This request is to display two dimensions in the dimension label such as inches and millimeters.
This might be done in the label part of the dimension. We currently use <> to place the dimension value into the label.
If we could perform math on the <> and then place a second <<new units>> value, then dual dimension labels would be possible.
This would allow any units modification desired for the <<new units>> display. This could use a drop-down in the label that uses label "file preferences" for the units modification factor.

Dimension would look like this: <prefix><dim based upon drawing units preferences>TEXT<<dim based upon modified units>>TEXT

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