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Re: QcadUserTheme

Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 11:47 am
by petevick
See here for latest versions - ... 295#p37339

Qcad User Theme update, version 6.1

Version 6.1 is a major update, it introduces quite a few additions together with a number of changes and bug fixes, all as listed below.
The main additions are Adjust AutoFill, this gives the ability to lighten or darken the colour that AutoFill uses, and Swap / Swap All buttons which allow you to invert the gradient colours.

  • Adjust AutoFill colour slider added to the right of the AutoFill button. This lightens or darkens the colour that AutoFill applies to the colour buttons.
    To use, simply adjust the value by moving the slider and click the AutoFill button. Positive numbers 1 to 6 will give lighter colours, negative numbers -1 to -12 will give darker colours. 0 is the default value. The slider value is saved to the stylesheet.css file.
    slider.gif (88.24 KiB) Viewed 1436 times
  • To compliment the Adjust AutoFill colour slider, a sample button has been added to the right. As the value of the slider is changed, the colour of the sample button updates to give an indication of the effect the slider value has when the AutoFill button is clicked. Hovering over and clicking this button also shows the AutoFill colours for those states.
  • A Swap button has been added to all the gradient button top and bottom pairs
  • A Swap All button has been added to the Push Button, Tool Bar and Tool Button tabs.
    swap.gif (64.52 KiB) Viewed 1436 times
  • A Config button has been added, this reloads the configuration file if one exists. This can be useful if you get in a mess with undo/redo's, it saves you closing the app without saving and then reloading.
  • A Stylesheet Basic Information button has been added. This displays basic information about the stylesheet such as which app created the stylesheet, the date and time the file was modified and the file size.
  • The following keyboard shortcuts have been added...
    • Open - Ctrl+O
      Autofill - Ctrl+A
      Load Defaults - Ctrl+D
      Reload Config file - Ctrl+C
      Save to Qcad - Ctrl+Q
      Save - Ctrl+S
      File Info - Ctrl+I
      SaveAs - Alt+S
      About - Alt+A
      Quit - Alt+Q

      The following shortcuts have also been added to fix a hint tips display bug in Linux 64bit, see below.

      Toggle uppercase and normal hint tips - Alt+H
      Use the Garuda font for hint tips - Alt+G
  • Animation has been added to the scroll bar handle, because why not?. e_geek
  • The app name and version level is now saved with the stylesheet on the first line.
  • When opening a stylesheet you now no longer have to select the stylesheet.css file, just select or highlight the folder that the stylesheet resides in and click the Open button. If no stylesheet can be found, a message to that effect will be displayed.
  • The current file field is now truncated to just the folder name, and, depending on the path length, is shortened at the beginning of the file path. The hint tip will display the full path.
  • The configuration file location has been changed to conform to the operating system default location.
    For Linux this is /home/user name/.config/QcadUserTheme/,
    For Windows this is C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\QcadUserTheme\.
    The configuration file extension for Linux is .conf and Windows is .ini.
    When you first use this version, the configuration folder and file will be automatically created according to the operating system you are running. The old configuration file will also be deleted.
  • The widget background colour button size has been increased.
  • The AutoFill button position is now at the bottom left. The Undo and Redo buttons are now toward the centre.
  • All message pop-ups have been totally re-coded, and they now display a caption relative to the message.
    The button on all single choice message pop-ups has changed from OK to Close.
    The buttons on some multi choice message pop-ups has changed from Yes/No to OK/Cancel.
  • Prior to this version, if there were any unsaved changes when you quit the app, a message gave two options to either quit or not. In this version you now have three options. The message displayed is 'Do you want to save the stylesheet ?', Yes will save and quit, No will quit, Cancel will close the message without quitting.
  • Prior to this version when using SaveAs, you were tied to creating a new folder in the same path as the source folder. Now a 'Create or Open a Destination Folder' dialog is displayed that enables you to create a folder anywhere that has write privileges. Click on the 'Create Folder' (Linux) or 'New Folder' (Windows) button and enter the new stylesheet folder name, NOTE In Linux, you must now press the Enter button on your keyboard for the folder to be created, and then click on the 'Open' button.

    Note that in Windows you will get a 'Destination Folder Access Denied' message if you try to create a new folder in an Admin privileges path. You should click either Skip or Cancel as although you could create the folder, you would not be able to write into it.

    The current stylesheet will be saved into this new folder and will then become the active stylesheet. You can select an existing stylesheet folder, and you will have the option to overwrite.
  • After clicking the Undo/Redo button when either the Undo or Redo buffer is at it's max, clicking the Cancel button in the warning massage still cleared the buffer.
  • In the Linux 64 bit version, the tails of characters were clipped in all the hint tips, and some message dialogues. The fix has three options using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Press Alt+H to display normal hints, a mix of upper and lower case, tails will be missing.
    • Press Alt+H again to display hints in uppercase. Pressing Alt+H again will display normal hints.
    • Press Alt+G to display hints using the Garuda font, tails will be displayed. The Garuda font has to be installed for this option. A message will be displayed informing you that a restart is required to display this font. If the Garuda font is not installed the system font will be used.
    If you press Alt+H whilst the Garuda option is being used, a message will be displayed informing you that a restart is required to display normal hints.
    When you first run this version uppercase hints will be used, subsequently the option you select will be used.
    In Linux 32bit and Windows versions, hints will be displayed normally.
  • In Windows OS it was possible to get a write error when using either Save, SaveAs or CopyToQcad. A message to the effect that it's not possible to save or copy will now be displayed.
  • Under certain conditions, particularly in Windows OS, an error could occur when accessing a read only folder.
v6.1 Linux 64bit downloaded 21 times
v6.1 Linux 32bit downloaded 23 times
v6.1 Windows downloaded 25 times

Re: QcadUserTheme

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2022 12:58 pm
by petevick
Qcad User Theme update, version 6.2

Version 6.2 is a moderate update, it introduces a few changes and bug fixes, all as listed below.

  • The system folder browser has quite a few disadvantages, so I've changed it for a custom folder browser. Apart from selecting a specific folder, this browser also allows you to rename , add or delete a folder. This can be done by either clicking the buttons in the toolbar, right click on a folder to display a context menu or via keyboard shortcuts (see below). Click the Select button or use the S keyboard shortcut to accept the selected folder. Click the Cancel button or press the keyboard Esc button to exit the browser with no selection. The browser window is sizeable and it's size is saved to the config file. The icons in the browser vary between the Linux and Windows versions as seen below.
    browsers.PNG (70.63 KiB) Viewed 1039 times
    Toolbar button details....
    • folder-del-both.png
      folder-del-both.png (14.04 KiB) Viewed 1039 times
    • Click this button to Delete the selected folder, confirmation is required.
      You can also right click on a folder and select Delete from the context menu, or
      press the Delete keyboard button or Press the - numeric keyboard button.
      folder-new-both.png (10.93 KiB) Viewed 1039 times
    • Click this button to create a New folder. A temporary folder is created in the selected folder, in Linux it's called 'Untitled Folder', in Windows it's called 'New folder', it'll be in an edit ready state, just start typing the name you want.
      You can also right click on a folder and select New Folder from the context menu, or use the N keyboard shortcut, or press the + numeric keyboard button.
      folder-edit-both.png (13.06 KiB) Viewed 1039 times
    • Click this button to Rename the selected folder. The name will enter the editing state, just type in the new name.
      You can also long double click on the folder name or right click on a folder and select Rename from the context menu, or use the R keyboard shortcut.
    • Visual changes to the Adjust AutoFill slider, there was a display problem in Linux.
    • The app would hang when the Exit button was clicked if there was no named stylesheet loaded, and if the value of the Adjust AutoFill slider had been changed without clicking AutoFill
    • An error would occur when using either Open, Copy to Qcad or SaveAs if a stylesheet was loaded that was saved by a version prior to 6.1, and if the value of the Adjust AutoFill slider had been changed without clicking AutoFill.
    v6.2 Linux 64bit downloaded 25 times
    v6.2 Linux 32bit downloaded 22 times
    v6.2 Windows downloaded 24 times

Re: QcadUserTheme

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2022 4:17 pm
by petevick
Qcad User Theme update, version 7.0

Version 7.0 is a substantial update, it introduces quite a few changes and additions, and one bug fix, all as listed below.

  • All tool buttons and sliders are now in a 'toolbar' across the top of the app.
  • All the tool buttons have been replaced by buttons that are more obvious when one has focus, ie when the cursor hovers over a tool button, and they are easier to see when using the Tab key to move between the buttons, sliders etc.
  • The currently active tabs font colour is now dark red (Linux only).
  • The Check Icons colour drop down list has been replaced with a similar style to the new tool buttons.
  • The Adjust AutoFill Colour slider has been replaced with a similar style to the new tool buttons. The upper limit has also been increased from +6 to +12.
  • There have been many general visual changes to the tabbed preview area.
  • Changes have been made to make the following preview areas look more like the same areas in Qcad...
    • Combo List
    • Menu
    • Scroll bars
    • Tool Matrix
  • The tool buttons in the browser have been replaced with the same style as used in the main app. The icons have also been improved upon.
  • The shortcut keys that controlled how the hint tips were displyed have been removed as the missing font tails is no longer an issue.
  • An Adjust Autofill Hue slider has been added to complement the Adjust AutoFill Colour slider. The Hue value, like the colour value, is saved with the stylesheet. The Hue value is also displayed in the File Info dialogue.
  • An Icon has been added to the Adjust AutoFill Colour slider. This is to differentiate between the Colour and Hue sliders.
  • You can now double click either the Hue or Colour slider to reset it to the value saved in the current stylesheet. You can also double click either slider icon to set the slider value to zero.
  • A Synchronise Tab Pages button has been added between the two tabbed areas. This allows you to change tabs on one side without the opposing tab being synchronised.
  • A Select menu item has been added to the browser popup menu.
  • You can now use Ctrl+Enter to Select a stylesheet folder in the browser.
  • All tool button hint tips now display it's keyboard shortcut in between square brackets, if available, for example - [Ctrl+S] for the Save button.
  • An error would occur if the stylesheet.qss file was missing from the do-not-delete folder.
Screenshots, Linux then Windows...
QUT7 Linux.png
QUT7 Linux.png (153.9 KiB) Viewed 808 times
QUT7 Windows.png
QUT7 Windows.png (145.1 KiB) Viewed 808 times
See here for latest versions - ... 295#p37339