How to develop ECMAScript in and IDE to do object autofil

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How to develop ECMAScript in and IDE to do object autofil

Post by daniel_frac » Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:59 pm

Dear Support

I'm using QCAD 3.24 professional in Windows. I writing a series of ECMAScript scripts in VSCODE and lately the process is becoming somehow cumbersome for the following reason:

1) Cannot integrate the QCAD script terminal with my IDE enviroment, I have to run the script in the background by calling QCAD executable.
2) I cannot see the object methods and variable, so I have to go back and forward in the terminal to check which methods are available for the object types I'm using this is very slow, is there a way to load the ECMAScript object library into my IDE: VSCODE?
3) When I run my scripts the debugging is really bad it doesn't point the error on the main script location or other imported script lines.

Best Regards

Daniel Hung

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