FlexPainter Painter and Painter generator

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FlexPainter Painter and Painter generator

Post by CVH » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:19 am

From a fellow developer:
pietro_72_ wrote:
Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:33 pm
I thought, if possible, that I could make sure that your FlexPainter program allows users to create arbitrary forms to follow path
I get what you mean by that.
I am very aware that that would be a nice side add-on.
Doing everything to leave that path open.

Well, the coding of a painter is no rocket science. 8)
But I am not so sure that one can leave the human intellect aside. :?

While it is already included in the latest Qcad releases it is accompanied with a tutorial.
You may find how the rope is coded in :

While painters are still hardcoded you can find them in FlexPainter.js itself :
section: FlexPainter.prototype.PainterSetInit
Painter data types are explained at the top. e_geek

To be included in the dialog list a painter has also an entry here :
section: FlexPainter.prototype.initWidgetsCombo e_geek

And is further accompanied by a preview icon in the icon folder.
A Painter is coded a lot faster then that a proper icon is made. :(
I got several new Painters without a preview still .... work in progress.
If the icon isn't present you get a blank preview, not an error state.

I don't exclude a Painter generator at this moment.
But I am not saying it would be a straight forward task.

Step by step, the next focus is on separating the Painters into individual files.
Don't want some, then leave them out
Add any custom one

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