Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD Bugtracker: Recently closed tasks 2019-09-09T06:41:01Z FS#1938: Segfault when trying to insert block from library (Fedora 30) 2019-09-09T06:41:01Z 2019-09-04T09:36:19Z

(base) [kforrester@FedoraWorkStation qcad-3.23.0-pro-linux-x86_64]$ ./qcad
QCAD version 3.23.0
10:21:34: Debug: calling odInitialize
10:21:34: Debug: dropped global XDATA (no res buf): “ViewportCenter” 10:21:52: Debug: importing file: /home/kforrester/Resilio Sync/Technical/Process Engineering/equipment_tag_and_name.dxf
./qcad: line 9: 3844 Segmentation fault (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”$DIR” “$binary” “$@”

QCAD has unexpectedly quit.

Please use the offscreen platform plugin for headless systems
(without a running X11 server):
./qcad -platform offscreen

In addition, you might have to override the default Qt style
to prevent the loading of a native desktop style (such as GTK):
./qcad -style plastique

I have tested this in version 3.22.1 too and get the same result. Reverting all the way back to 3.13.1 results in an operable version of qcad when working on the same file and library blocks.

FS#1939: Right click not working in QCAD Community Edition 2019-09-09T06:40:14Z 2019-09-09T03:13:39Z

After I remove the .dll files from the pro trial version, right click stop working on Windows 10.
I went a little further to try identifying which of the 5 files specifically causes right click to stop working, and I found that it is qcadproscripts.dll. The presence or absence of the other 4 dll files that make up the pro version has no influence on this behavior.

FS#1937: Circle shown in QCAD but not in AutoCAD 2019-08-27T09:40:20Z 2019-08-27T09:37:05Z

The attached drawing shows two large concentric circles when viewed in QCAD but the inner circle is missing when viewed in other CAD programmes. This cost $50 in rework as my laser cutting was not cut correctly!

Ian Howell
FS#1931: File > SVG Export: hatch arc interpolation 2019-08-26T19:11:38Z 2019-08-09T08:48:41Z

Hatches with arc boundaries are exported as crude polygons.

See also:

FS#1935: Startup preferences 2019-08-20T14:37:46Z 2019-08-20T14:19:08Z

Startup preferences

On Mac 10.14.6: QCAD Pro → Preferences... → Startup

Check or uncheck “Enable Splash Screen”

1. Restart of QCAD, the splash screen with Initialising add-ons xx% is identical

2. Apply, Cancel and OK buttons - why have both Apply and OK buttons?

Simon Miller
FS#1932: Check for update fails to discover new version 2019-08-13T07:13:16Z 2019-08-12T20:56:10Z

“Help→Check for QCAD Pro Updates” fails to discover new version. Tested on OSX and Linux versions.

Johan Persson
FS#1929: Printing Problem - Preview differs from Printout 2019-08-08T11:56:28Z 2019-08-08T11:35:56Z

... ? I reported this already some days ago, but the task doesn’t show up in the list? ...

Comparing ‘Drawing’ and ‘Preview’ - o.k.
Comparing ‘Preview’ and ‘Printout’ - NOT o.k. ! Elements are missing
(Rem: in the QCAD sketch itself, the missing elements are in a separate layer; however, anyway - preview should show the same image as the printout !?)


Günther Gräbner
FS#1925: Poly Ref Points manipulation that generates null-segment 2019-08-05T07:52:03Z 2019-08-03T13:49:01Z

Win7pro 32bit Wininstaller Qcadpro 3.23.0

With a polyline.

Select the poly.
Pick any reference point of a vertex.
Place it on any of its neighboring vertex reference points.

A null-segment is created.
The placement can not be undone by re-picking the reference point.
Can be Undone/Redone.
The action can result from editing the vertex coordinates.
When exploding null-entities are created.

This action should delete:
- if the target is next: the picked vertex. (incl. start or end-1)
- if the target is prior: the targetted vertex. (incl. start or end-1)
- if the target is and next and prior: both the prior and the picked vertex.

As the user intentionally places any vertex reference points on:
- any excluding its neighbors:
→ the intented nature is ‘Self-Touching’, ‘Self-Crossing’ or ‘Trace-Back’.
- any of its neighbors:
→ the intention is to delete the segment(s).


FS#1927: Drawing and printing inconsistent, with wrong/missing elements 2019-08-04T21:02:08Z 2019-08-04T16:40:52Z

Drawing and PrintPreview are consistent, but printout differs : rectangle missing (bottom right), line missing (bottom green line) - see att. Error can be reproduced, after saves and restores.
A VERY elementary WYSIWIG-problem....

Günther Gräbner
FS#1921: Add error message when requesting raster for a non-existent layer with dwg2bmp (duplicate) 2019-07-19T13:25:58Z 2019-07-19T13:22:17Z

(sorry for duplicate task, cannot remove it now)

It would be nice if QCAD spit some kind of warning message when trying to render a layer with a name that doesn’t exist (and perhaps render nothing), rather than silently rendering an empty image. :D