QCAD Changelog

Next Release

3.12.6 (2016/01/28)

3.12.5 (2016/01/11)

3.12.4 (2015/12/11)

3.12.3 (2015/11/24)

3.12.1 (2015/11/11)

3.12.0 (2015/11/09)

3.11.3 (2015/10/14)

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix printing issue (mostly white printouts)

3.11.2 (2015/10/14)

3.11.0 (2015/10/06)

3.10.0 (2015/08/24)

  • QCAD Professional:
    • Misc > Modify > Convert Splines to Bezier Segments
    • Improved precision for intersection points between splines and other entities
    • Snap to intersection points between two splines (quadratic or cubic)
    • Fix exception in GCode configuration and derived configurations
  • Draw > Arc > 2 Points and Length
    • Draw arc from two points and arc length
  • Snap > Lock Snap
    • Lock current snap and restriction tools
  • Bug fixes:

3.9.8 (2015/08/02)

3.9.7 (2015/07/28)

3.9.6 (2015/07/24)

3.9.5 (2015/07/14)

3.9.4 (2015/05/26)

3.9.3 (2015/05/13)

3.9.2 (2015/05/08)

  • QCAD Professional:
    • Draw > Polyline > Create from Segments
      • Extend existing polylines with connected segments
      • Join connected polylines  
  • File > Print Current View
    • Prints the current view from model space
  • File > Revert
    • Reloads the current drawing from disk
  • Edit > Application Preferences > Graphics View > Appearance > Display and Performance > Timeout for hatch rendering
    • Preference for hatch rendering timeout
  • Block > Insert Block
    • Insert array of blocks with N columns, M rows
  • Modify > Explode
    • Explode splines piecewise to retain sharp ('clamped') corners
  • Preferences:
    • Use alternating colors for layer list rows, block list rows
  • Various performance and memory usage fixes
  • Bug fixes:

3.9.1 (2015/03/14)

3.9.0 (2015/03/09)

  • QCAD Professional:
    • Modify > Offset (with Distance), Modify > Offset (through Point):
      • Support for polyline offsetting (equidistant):
        • Round Join
        • Miter Join
        • Bevel Join
  • View > Anti-Aliasing: toggles anti-aliasing (smooth) display mode
  • API:
    • Add qcadpolygon library (polygon clipping, polygon offset)
    • Add qcadzip library (RZip::unzipFile)
  • Prevent arrow for leaders with first segment length <= 2 times dimension arrow size (as imposed by DXF/DWG format) 
  • Bug fixes:

3.8.1 (2015/02/06)

3.8.0 (2015/02/05)

  • Performance:
    • Improve responsiveness when using auto snap or snap to intersections
    • Improve loading time for large files
  • ECMAScript:
    • Add simple API to easily operate on the current document (scripts/simple.js)
    • Add script shell for developers (Misc > Development > Script Shell)
  • Bug fixes:

3.7.7 (2015/01/21)

3.7.6 (2015/01/15)

3.7.5 (2014/12/03)

  • Add XLine, Ray options to Draw > Line > Parallel and Draw > Line > Parallel through point (FS#1138)
  • Add XLine / Ray support for dxflib and the QCAD Community Edition 
  • Bug fixes:

3.7.4 (2014/11/29)

  • Add new tool to reload linetypes from .lin files for loaded drawings: Misc > Modify > Reload Linetype Definitions
  • Support transactions (undo / redo) for changes in linetypes
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix potential crash when loading files with invalid linetype definitions
    • Fix preview of linetypes when switching between drawings with different linetype definitions for the same linetype names
    • Fix preview of linetypes for drawings with linetype definitions that are different or outdated compared to the .lin file

3.7.3 (2014/11/27)

3.7.2 (2014/11/20)

3.7.1 (2014/11/06)

  • Improved presentation of linetypes in linetype combo box
  • Purging blocks purges also nested unused blocks
  • Make changes to document settings undoable (change of drawing unit, dimension settings, etc.)
  • Support splines with degree N (1,2,3,4,5,6,...)
  • New tool to convert straight splines to lines: Misc > Modify > Convert Straight Splines to Lines
  • Bug fixes:
    • Number overflows cause unexpected behaviour in inscribing ellipses into quadrilateral algorithm (also used by projection tools)
    • Show file names with ampersand correctly in tabs and recent file menu 

3.7.0 (2014/10/24)

3.6.4 (2014/08/26)

3.6.3 (2014/07/30)

3.6.2 (2014/07/12)

  • Translations:
    • Fix deployment of Japanese translation

3.6.1 (2014/07/11)

  • Translations:
    • Update of Japanese translation
  • Entities:
    • New entity type 'trace' (load, save, display, modify)
  • Text:
    • Support for x scale factor for simple texts (stretch)
  • Misc:
    • Save / restore relative zero point position per tool
  • QCAD Professional:
    • Fix error when saving back loaded file with invalid value for MAXACTVP
    • Configurable dimension font (Edit > Drawing Preferences > Dimension Settings)

3.6.0 (2014/06/19)

3.5.1 (2014/05/12)

3.5.0 (2014/05/08)

3.4.7 (2014/04/12)

3.4.6 (2014/02/10)

3.4.5 (2013/12/18)

3.4.4 (2013/12/04)

3.4.3 (2013/11/13)

3.4.2 (2013/10/25)

3.4.1 (2013/10/25)

3.4.0 (2013/10/23)

  • Add preference for line pattern scaling of lines with weight 0.00mm
  • Add display mode for screen-based linetypes (line patterns in pixels instead of drawing units)
  • Indicate modified state in Window menu
  • QCAD Professional:
    • Fix encoding of strings in DXF / DWG files on non-English Windows installations
    • Add support for custom properties
      • Add new custom properties to entities
      • Remove custom properties from entities
      • Import some basic types of custom properties from 3rd party applications (string, int, double)
    • Add font substitution dialog (simplifies font replacement if drawing fonts don't support all glyphs that are used)
    • Add text replacement tool: Edit > Find/Replace

3.3.4 (2013/10/15)

3.3.3 (2013/10/05)

3.3.2 (2013/09/24)

3.3.1 (2013/09/18)

3.3.0 (2013/09/17)

3.2.2 (2013/08/22)

3.2.1 (2013/08/16)

  • Drawing tools:
    • Draw ellipse inscribed in quadrilateral (tangential to four lines)
  • Performance:
    • Performance improvements when loading files with many blocks or block references
    • Improved start up performance
  • Platform specific:
    • Various code fixes for FreeBSD
  • Bug fixes:
  • QCAD Professional:
    • Clip selection to rectangular area (or clear selection at rectangular area, cut selection at rectangular boundary)

3.2.0 (2013/08/07)

3.1.6 (2013/07/15)

  • Added hatch property to control pattern offset
  • Bug fixes:
    • Crash / no effect when changing properties of hatch entities
  • QCAD Professional:
    • Use CP932 instead of Shift-JIS for importing Japanese DXF / DWG files (fixes display of some characters)

3.1.5 (2013/07/12)

3.1.4 (2013/07/04)

3.1.3 (2013/07/03)

  • Internationalization:
    • Added Japanese translation for the QCAD user interface
    • Added Japanese translation for the QCAD user manual
  • Linux:
    • Compatibility with older distributions (glibc >= 2.11.1)
  • Bug fixes:
  • QCAD Professional:
    • Loading DXF / DWG files with international code pages
    • Fix backslash / yen problems when importing Japanese DXF / DWG files (CP932)

3.1.2 (2013/06/20)

3.1.0 (2013/06/17)

3.0.0 (2012/07/20)

  • Extended drawing file format support to most versions of DXF and DWG:
    • Read support for format version 2.5 through 2010
    • Write support for format version 12 through 2010
  • SVG export:
    • Optional: preserve as much of the original data and geometry as possible in SVG
    • Various improvements and optimizations of the exported SVG files
  • Drawing tools:
    • Points:
      • N points along a line
      • M x N points in quadrangle
    • Arcs:
      • Arc with two points and radius
      • Arc with two points and angle
    • Circles:
      • Circle with two points and radius
    • Splines:
      • Spline through fit points
    • Texts:
      • Text with TrueType fonts
        • Use multiple fonts, colors, sizes, etc. in one text entity
    • Hatches and solid fills:
      • Support ellipses and ellipse arcs as boundary elements
  • Snap tools:
    • Snap to middle between two arbitrary points
    • Snap to orthogonal points
  • Performance improvements in various areas (display of large drawings, selection, modification, ...)
  • Support for named views (store current view / restore view)
  • Display multiple view ports (view tiles) per drawing
  • Printing:
    • Print drawing as poster on multiple pages
    • Print page IDs
    • Print glue marks
    • Construction possible in print preview mode
  • Property editor:
    • Completely refactored, fixed various problems with focus and editing, improved usability
    • Editing attributes (color, line weight, line type)
    • Editing draw order
    • Show selected entity types
    • Filter selection by entity types
  • Improved line pattern rendering (symmetrical, no gaps at end point)
  • Clipboard display widget shows content of clipboard (dockable)
  • Paste
    • Optionally overwrite existing layers / blocks
  • Selection
    • Selection modes for all selection tools (where appropriate): replace selection, add to selection, remove from selection, intersect with selection
    • Select entities inside polygon
    • Select contour: follow all connections (select also tree shapes and meshes)
  • Modification
    • Select / delete duplicate entities
    • Select / delete zero length entities
  • Entities
    • Improved ellipse support (snapping to ellipse intersections, trimming, breaking out segments, hatching ellipses)
  • Layer Handling
    • Deleting layers can be undone
  • Configuration
    • Configuration of key codes and commands
  • Devices
    • Support for Wacom tablets
    • Support for Apple's "Magic Trackpad" (including panning and zooming)
  • Support for surveyor's angle input (e.g. N10d30'12.5"E)
  • Part Library Browser
    • Meta information stored as RDF
    • Search based on keywords, file names, ...
    • Parts in part library may be drawings with static content or scripts that dynamically create content
  • New, much more powerful scripting interface:
    • almost complete Qt and QCAD API available through ECMA Script interface
    • creating interactive tools with scripts
    • creating menus, toolbars, dockwidgets, dialogs, ...
    • script plugin mechanism (2009/11/25)

  • Bug fix release: File dialog problems under Windows (2008/09/09)

  • Support for printing and PDF export to custom paper sizes
  • Bug fix: Crash on start up if grid settings are corrupt (2008/05/02)

  • Bug fix: Line width resolution when printing or exporting to PDF
  • Bug fix: Crash when starting and not completing multiple tools
  • Bug fix: SVG Export: filled full circles (2008/04/11)

  • Support for 24bit colors
  • Improved color selection in application preferences
  • File save as dialog: default path to current file path if available
  • Zoom to selection
  • Paste to current layer or original layer
  • Dimensions:
    • Optional: Use of architectural ticks instead of arrows
  • Show explode tool in menu 'Modify'
  • Mac OS X: open DXF files with double-click from Finder
  • Added glyphs for Ohm and Micro to standard font
  • Improved SVG Export: export solid filled hatches, export polylines as path
  • Apply layer to selection by double-clicking on layer in layer list
  • Bug fix: Drawing text, splines: preview entity with correct attributes and layer
  • Bug fix: Changing degree property for splines limited to 2 or 3
  • Bug fix: Overlapping keycodes for splines, snap to polar coordinate
  • Bug fix: Equidistant to polylines with arc segments and sharp corners
  • Bug fix: Choose menu entries with keystroke (2008/01/25)

  • SVG Export (presentation quality, e.g. for use with Firefox, XSL-FO, FOP, ...)
  • Rulers at top and left of drawing view (optional)
  • Improved handles for ellipses
  • Snap to reference points
  • Isometric projections (front, side, top)
  • Modify - Divide 2: removal of segments optional
  • Draft mode no longer remembered between QCAD sessions
  • Scripting:
    • Creating text labels
    • Inserting blocks from part library
  • Creating equidistant polylines with rounded or pointed corners
  • Show or hide trailing zeroes in dimension labels
  • X/Y ordinate dimensions
  • Simplified default behavior of cut and copy
  • Simplified optional behavior of selection
  • Highlight entities on mouse over
  • Autosnap: snap point indicator
  • Print preview: added more common scales for Imperial systems
  • File save as dialog: suggest current file name
  • Bug fix: Reading solids from DXF (for example as a result of exploding dimensions)
  • Bug fix: Trim to limiting entities inside blocks
  • Bug fix: Wrong attributes when breaking up ellipses into polylines
  • Bug fix: Measuring angles: command line output shows 'lines are parallel' instead of measured angle
  • Bug fix: Modify - Trim: Crash when choosing hatch as limiting entity
  • Bug fix: Modify - Attributes: Layer names sorted in combo box (2007/05/24)

  • The property editor widget introduced in now also shows the layer of the selected entity / entities and makes it possible to quickly move a group of entities to another layer
  • Bug fix: Changing attributes of dimension entities with Modification - Properties feature
  • Bug fix: Polylines loose attributes when modified / polyline attributes in blocks
  • Bug fix: OS X: Crash when using snap to coordinates (2007/04/11)

  • Bug fix: Entity visibility when moving with multiple copies (2007/04/10)

  • Bug fix: Drag and drop for text entities
  • Bug fix: Creating polylines from segments (2007/04/02)

  • Welsh translation
  • Added button / key code for resetting all actions and return to the default action
  • Auto Snap (Snap to Grid, Endpoints, Middlepoints, Intersections)
  • Property editor
    • Querying and editing of attributes of selected entities
    • Changing attributes of single or multiple entities (e.g. change text height or style for all selected texts)
  • Improvements for drag and drop of reference points
  • Remember active layer when saving a drawing
  • Pasting entities: scale, rotate or flip while positioning pasted entities
  • Scaling with individual factors for x and y axis. Currently only for lines.
  • Edit block by clicking a block instance
  • Added more glyphs to "standard" font (complete Unicode tables Basic Latin 0000-007F, Latin-1 Supplement 0080-00FF, Latin Extended-A 0100-017F).
  • Bug fix: Unicode for saving / loading international texts
  • Bug fix: Unicode font RC2 (2007/01/18)

  • Port to FreeBSD RC1 (2006/12/28)

  • Indonesian translation
  • Portuguese (BR) translation
  • Modify - Divide 2 (Cuts out a segment of an entity. The segment is limited by intersecting entities.)
  • Don't ask for selection if some entities are already selected
  • Show key codes (accelerators, hot keys, short cuts) in menus and tooltips
  • Introduced many more key codes
  • Remember last used paper position in print preview
  • Improved DXF R12 compatibility (texts: spaces, line breaks; blocks: anonymous blocks)
  • High quality PDF Export (all platforms, Menu 'File' - 'PDF Export')
  • Bug fix: Rounding / beveling inside polylines
  • Bug fix: Locking relative zero point
  • Bug fix: Fixed printing under OS X (broken after PDF creation)
  • Bug fix: Entering coordinates under Windows systems (focus bug)
  • Bug fix: Exploding ellipse arcs (2006/05/26)

  • High quality PDF Export (Mac OS X, Menu 'File' - 'PDF Export')
  • Print quality improvements (2006/05/19)

  • Chinese translation
  • Converting ellipses to polylines with arc segments (explode)
  • Port to Mac OS X on Intel (Universal Binary)
  • Bug fix: Scripting: file dialog for opening files in QSA
  • Various smaller fixes RC3 (2006/03/23)

  • Bug fix: Windows: Print preview: crash when changing scale RC2 (2006/03/20)

  • Port to Qt 4.1.1 / QSA 1.2.1
  • Significant performance improvements (mainly for Mac OS X and Windows)
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Bug fix: Options toolbar for text tool
  • Bug fix: autostart.qs script: Toolbar positioning
  • Bug fix: Windows: crash when zooming in on selected lines
  • Bug fix: Windows: Print preview: crash when switching to print preview
  • Bug fix: Print preview: Update scale combo box after auto fit to page
  • Bug fix: Windows: MDI buttons for minimize, maximize, close RC1 (2005/11/22)

  • Port to Qt 4.1.0 RC1 / QSA 1.2.0
  • New preview with line style and color
  • Improved measuring tools
  • Minor print preview improvements
  • Many visual improvements for QCAD on Mac OS X
  • Dimension arrow behavior improvements
  • Introduced more hotkeys
  • Move entities to background / foreground
  • Application preferences: color dialog for selecting colors
  • Professional version:
    • More actions can be launched from the command line
    • Creating new polylines from existing segments
    • Creating equidistant polylines
  • Bug fix: Disappearing entities when stretching while some entities are selected
  • Bug fix: grid was not updated when not enabled
  • Bug fix: drag and drop for leader reference points
  • Punjabi translation
  • Updated user reference manual (2005/07/20)

  • Port to Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Exploding dimensions: create lines for arrows
  • Ellipse improvements:
    • improved selection performance
    • trimming ellipses to lines
    • trimming lines to ellipses
  • Bug fix: memory leaks (internal clone function for entity containers)
  • Bug fix: crash when omitting Y value in coordinate input (e.g. "15,") (2005/03/28)

  • Bug fix Windows version: Invalid coordinate calculations due to rounding errors / acos() call. Lead to files that were unloadable. (2005/03/21)

  • DXF / AutoCAD compatibility improvements (avoid invalid layer color, adjust text width)
  • Bug fix: Centering of thick arcs on Mac OS X
  • Bug fix: Rounding and beveling polyline corners (first and last node)
  • Bug fix: Text construction in normallatin2 font (2005/02/22)

  • DXF compatibility improvements (dimensions, texts)
  • Drawing arcs connecting tangential to entities
  • Professional version:
    • Improved polyline construction function
    • Adding nodes to existing polyline
    • Appending nodes to existing polyline
    • Removing nodes from existing polyline
    • Removing all nodes between two nodes of an existing polyline
    • Trimming two polyline segments
    • Rounding for polylines
    • Beveling for polylines
  • Scripting:
    • Autostart Script
    • Adding custom toolbars
    • Adding custom tool buttons for inserting blocks
    • Adding custom tool buttons for running scripts
  • Bug fix: Export of Polylines with bulges to DXF R12
  • Bug fix: Mac OS X: Centering of thick lines
  • Bug fix: Dimensions not updated after drawing properties are modified
  • Bug fix: Text on hidden layers misplaced after loading
  • Bug fix: Hatches on hidden layers not shown after loading
  • Bug fix: Part library browser: updating cached icons
  • Bug fix: Crash when switching automatic grid scaling off (2004/09/14)

  • Compiled with Qt 3.3.3
  • Measuring polygonal areas
  • Splines (NURBS)
    • B-Splines degree 2, 3
    • Open and closed B-Splines
  • Drag and drop: keep selection
  • Professional version scripting:
    • Pen, color, line width
    • Layer handling
    • Circles
    • Selection class
    • Vector class
    • View class
  • Bug fix: Crash when using command prompt ('line' command)
  • Bug fix: Crash when deleting a block that is being edited
  • Bug fix: Corrupted large texts in Cyrillic / Unicode when saved to DXF
  • Bug fix: selecting layers: don't reactivate deleted entities
  • Bug fix: beveling: wrong distance when bevel length more than entity length
  • Bug fix: loading diametrical dimensions
  • Bug fix: mirroring blocks with arcs: incorrect arc angles
  • Bug fix: mirroring points that touch an end point of a mirror axis
  • Bug fix: inaccurate arc display for very large arcs
  • Bug fix: drawing lines with relative angles: length ignored
  • Bug fix: DXF: corrected saving of variable $VIEWCTR
  • Bug fix: in rare conditions selection of only one entity possible
  • Bug fix: Mac OS X: use Backspace instead of non existing Delete key
  • Bug fix: Slow preview when inserting blocks with hatches (2004/05/22)

  • Updated Danish translation
  • Turkish translation
  • Preview in file open dialog
  • Don't change active layer / block when changing visibility or locking state
  • Double click cannot be used anymore to change visibility of blocks / layers.
  • Tab in command line to complete / list commands
  • Only show save / save as dialog if document was changed
  • Drag and drop: Ellipse endpoints
  • Bug fix: Error when trying to overwrite read-only file
  • Bug fix: Tolerances for dimension labels
  • Bug fix: Appending default extension in save as dialog if path contains '.'
  • Bug fix: Entering Coordinates when moving relative zero point
  • Bug fix: Copy / paste blocks and inserts between drawings in individual units
  • Bug fix: Update arc endpoints after 'Modify' - 'Properties'
  • Bug fix: Crash when using self-made patterns
  • Bug fix: Crash with drawings that contain ellipses
  • Bug fix: Scaling for parts inserted from the part library in different units
  • Bug fix: CAM Expert: Angles in output in degrees (2004/03/27)

  • Compiled with Qt 3.3.1
  • Estonian translation
  • Spanish translation
  • Polish translation
  • Professional version scripting:
    • adding lines, arcs, points
    • dialogs
    • file handling
  • CAM Expert: Integration with QCAD 2.x
  • Ignore line width in draft mode
  • Command 'dimregen' also regenerates dimensions with label ';;'
  • Explode text entities into individual letter entities
  • Avoid multiple print previews for the same drawing
  • Persistent color mode selection in printer setup dialog
  • Windows: store configuration in file (not registry)
  • Mac OS X: Application Preferences in preferences menu
  • Mac OS X: Fixed size combo boxes for color, width, type selection
  • Improved performance for large fonts (Unicode)
  • Bug fix: DXF R12 Export: filter out non-r12 variables
  • Bug fix: DXF 2000 Export: GRIDUNIT
  • Bug fix: DXF 2000 Export: MText angle
  • Bug fix: DXF Import: ignore negative color numbers
  • Bug fix: Letter spacing on hidden layers
  • Bug fix: Redraw view when switching grid on / off
  • Bug fix: highlight for trim two
  • Bug fix: Draft mode box for text with empty lines
  • Bug fix: Windows: crash on exit
  • Bug fix: Mirroring: mirroring blocks
  • Bug fix: Mirroring: using command line for coordinate input, relative zero
  • Bug fix: Crash when selecting ellipses (2004/02/04)

  • Compiled with Qt 3.3.0
  • Layer locking
  • DXF Export AC1009 (R12 / LT2)
  • Slovak translation
  • Russian translation
  • Dutch translation
  • Manual adjustment of grid size
  • Switch auto-scaling of grid on / off
  • Improved handling of ellipses (selection, tangents)
  • Improved handling of solids (selection)
  • Modification of dimension text
  • Modification of dimension geometry
  • Drag and drop for quick modification of dimension entities
  • Automatic regeneration of all dimension entities (dimregen)
  • Improved performance for redrawing (zooming and panning)
  • Draft mode for further performance improvement
  • Integrated Online Manual (Menu Help - Manual)
  • Bug fix: decimal grid for decimal inches
  • Bug fix: support patterns with capital letters in name
  • Bug fix: images in blocks
  • Bug fix: error handling when writing files
  • Bug fix: architectural dimension labels
  • Bug fix: DXF import of polylines which close with arcs (2003/12/03)

  • Czech translation
  • Measuring total length of selected entities
  • Default selection mode: select single entities
  • Bug fix: Display of dotted arcs
  • Bug fix: Selecting entities for angular dimensioning and for parallels, finding intersections
  • Bug fix: Undone Leaders invisible to all actions
  • Bug fix: Editing Fonts (2003/11/20)

  • Bug fix: QCAD 1 Text import: rotation angle
  • Italian translation
  • Greek translation
  • Optional support for 'complex entities'
  • Drag and drop for entities and reference points (2003/10/18)

  • Compiled with Qt 3.2.2
  • Bug fixes for Windows and Mac version
  • Scaling line styles with line width
  • French translation (2003/10/08)

  • GUI Improvements
  • Saving state of toolbars and dock windows
  • DXF: Compatibility improvements
  • Bug fix: Mac OS X library path
  • Bug fix: Insert parts from Library Browser
  • Bug fix: handling of , and . for German environment
  • Bug fix: Import of Arrows from QCAD 1 drawings
  • Bug fix: Changing language in Application Preferences (2003/10/01)

  • DXF: ATTRIB entities imported as texts
  • DXF: Compatibility improvements
  • Bug fix: Mac OS X startup
  • Hungarian translation (2003/09/30)

  • Improved precision of printing to scale
  • Performance improvements for large drawings
  • Switching grid on/off
  • Changing colors of background, grid, meta grid
  • Bug fix: Import of DXF from version 1.x
  • Port: Mac OS X
  • German translation (2003/09/22)

  • Initial Release of version 2 (2000/05/23)

  • Some small bug fixes (2000/07/05)

  • Support for units (Millimeter, Inches, Feet, ...)
  • Scale drawings (1:1, 2:1, 1:2, ...)
  • Show page border
  • Default attributes for layers
  • Measuring functions
    • Point-point
    • Line-point
    • Line-line
    • Angle
    • Coordinates
  • Formats of dimension lables (e.g. 3' 1/4" or 36.25")
  • Formats for angle dimension labels (e.g. 12°30'0" or 12.5°)
  • Import file format DGN
  • Library browser
  • Edit lines can handle mathematical expressions
  • Enhancement of DXF compatibility
  • Enhancement of line styles for printing
  • Enhancement of File Open dialog
  • Enhancement of Options dialog
  • Several smaller bug fixes
  • Many new translations
  • Explicit support of different charsets
  • Fully integrated Help system

1.3.3 (1999/12/12)

  • Italian translation
  • Galician translation

1.3.2 (1999/11/28)

  • Options dialog
  • French translation

1.3.0 (1999/11/21)

  • Fixed width font
  • New font "Courier"
  • Tool for automatic font creation
  • Quick rotation during moving
  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Drawing area extended from +/-32'000 to +/-1'000'000
  • DXF import for texts improved
  • Configuration file in users home (~/.qcad)
  • Spanish translation
  • Improved program termination
  • Bug fixes (see change log)

1.2.0 (1999/10/23)

  • Creation of hatches with different patterns
  • Creation of lines
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Given angle
  • Creation of dimensions
    • Arrows
  • Improvement of keyboard positioning

1.0.0 (1999/10/08)

  • Different line widths, colors, styles
  • Creation of dimensions
    • Radius
    • Diameter

1.0.0 Beta 1 (1999/09/25)

  • New snap functions
    • Keyboard x/y
    • Keyboard angle/radius
  • Creation of dimensions
    • Aligned
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Angles

0.0.0 (1999/09/24)

  • Project Start of QCAD as spin off from CAM Expert