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DL_LeaderData Struct Reference

Leader (arrow). More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

Public Member Functions

 DL_LeaderData (int lArrowHeadFlag, int lLeaderPathType, int lLeaderCreationFlag, int lHooklineDirectionFlag, int lHooklineFlag, double lTextAnnotationHeight, double lTextAnnotationWidth, int lNumber)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

int arrowHeadFlag
int hooklineDirectionFlag
int hooklineFlag
int leaderCreationFlag
int leaderPathType
int number
double textAnnotationHeight
double textAnnotationWidth

Detailed Description

Leader (arrow).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_LeaderData::DL_LeaderData ( int  lArrowHeadFlag,
int  lLeaderPathType,
int  lLeaderCreationFlag,
int  lHooklineDirectionFlag,
int  lHooklineFlag,
double  lTextAnnotationHeight,
double  lTextAnnotationWidth,
int  lNumber 


Parameters: see member variables.

Member Data Documentation

int DL_LeaderData::arrowHeadFlag

Arrow head flag (71).

int DL_LeaderData::hooklineDirectionFlag

Hookline direction flag (74).

int DL_LeaderData::hooklineFlag

Hookline flag (75)

int DL_LeaderData::leaderCreationFlag

Leader creation flag (73).

int DL_LeaderData::leaderPathType

Leader path type (72).

int DL_LeaderData::number

Number of vertices in leader (76).

double DL_LeaderData::textAnnotationHeight

Text annotation height (40).

double DL_LeaderData::textAnnotationWidth

Text annotation width (41)

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